[Trlog] Loss of freq input

Bob Tellefsen n6wg at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 28 10:33:35 EST 2003

Thanks for the note, Brett.
Fortunately, it was nothing serious, more a case of
cockpit trouble :-)
I pressed the button on my KRC2 that switches R2 on and
off in the K2.  In the process I must have pressed on an
adjacent button also, generating some command to looked
like "turn off comm port".  I checked the PORT setting in
the second menu and found it OFF.  Resetting it to ON took
care of the problem and I worked the rest of the contest with
no problems, at least from the rig/computer setup :-)
Would have been nice to have had a few more stations on though.
73, Bob N6WG

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N6WG said:

>I was working the Stew Perry this morning and suddenly
>my frequency display from the rig disappeared.  I've tried
>powering off and back on both the rig, a K2 with KI02 interface,
>and my computer.  No joy.
>Any suggestions?

KIO fried?  COM port died?  Cable toast?

Use TR LOOPBACK.  Either use it to send commands the K2 should
respond to, or short TXD & RXD on the radio end of the RS-232 cable &
verify that stuff echoes back...

Culprit should be easy to isolate that way.

TBDC starts late Saturday evening here.  Prior to sunset, was on roof
with antenna.  At sunset, back inside to finish K160RX option so I can work
Top Band with my K2.  Then take quick nap as am so knackered, only to wake
up at 0400 local Sunday... just in time to watch those big red circles form
the poles & ruin the morning EU opening.

Now off to help friend move flat - house on farm plot a good hike from road
- so
will probably be knackered for local Sunday night, too...  ;^(

73, VR2BrettGraham

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