Fred Jensen k6dgw at foothill.net
Sun Dec 28 11:48:43 EST 2003

I recently began using the INPUT CONFIG FILE line in each contest's
config file to import all the static stuff (like, in particular, my call
sign).  TR runs just fine and the individual config files are much
easier to manage, each in a separate sub-directory for each contest. 
The sub-directories are under the TR home directory.

However, now, when I run POST from a contest sub-directory, my call sign
is missing from all the reports and Cabrillo files.  The Cabrillo for
the SP had the line


in it.  Easy to edit that one to add my cvall.  My call was missing from
all the QSO lines as well, which is not so easy to edit should the
unthinkable happen and I make 500 or more QSO's (I didn't in the SP but
I did in the ARRL10).  Advice and guidance?


Fred K6DGW
Auburn CA

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