[Trlog] Several Questions

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Sun Dec 28 15:05:16 EST 2003

Several Questions for you TR Gurus:

1.  The Shift Key/RIT is now working here, but I can't seem to find the 
details on how to REVERSE the RIT direction, and also change the amount of 
incremental RIT shift in Hz.

2.  Am I understanding that any changes made via CTRL + J can be 
"temporary" during the contest unless doing an ALT + W, etc.?

3.  Umh, should one launch TR before turning on the rig, or vice-versa, or 
does it make any difference w/rig control connected?

4.  How does one configure different CW default speeds for CQ mode vs. S&P 
mode?  If you're running stations at 35WPM, but want to do a quick S&P at a 
slower (default) speed (without having to always manually step-down by 
pushing a key several times), this would be extremely valuable.  The 
capability must exist...I just can't find the config info.

5.  If one wants to use TR in a non-contest mode ... like just an 
RST/DX-pedition mode, what is the recommended selection for use from the 
options available at startup for a "New Contest"???  I didn't see anything 
like "Generic" or "Standard" so need a recommendation.

6.  When I load up a blank contest for the Simulator with no QSOs, the 
memory figure in the upper right hand corner reads about 130,000.  After 
650 "test" QSOs on one band, it's now down to 100,000.  Does this mean I 
would tap out at 2,500+ or so QSOs even on one band in real-time 
operation?  I plan to do all 6 bands from a non-US locale if things go 
according to plan.  And if so, what non-essentials should I disable?  I'd 
sure hate to lose dupe checking!

7.  If I make a backup copy of my .cfg file on a floppy so that in the 
event my computer takes a dump in the middle of a contest & must switch to 
another one, will the .dat, .rst & other files be automatically created if 
I do a new install of TR on the (replacement) computer and just plug my 
.cfg file into the subdirectory?

Tnx very much for the assistance.


Rick, K6VVA

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