[Trlog] "tell me where to go ..."

Tod - MN tao at skypoint.com
Sun Dec 28 20:54:21 EST 2003

I need someone to point me in the right direction to resolve a problem I am
having controlling an ICOM756Pro-II using TRLog. 
I have a JBI products interface module which is used to connect to the ICOM
radio. I am able to control the radio (read and set the frequency and
provide CW keying) when I use DX4WIN as the control program. 
When I try to use TR 6.71 to control the radio I am able to have TR doing
the keying but TR does not control the radio band/mode settings and does not
seem to read or set the frequency. 
The settings for the COM port in DX4WIN are COM1, CW key with DTR, Baud rate
= 4800, radio address= 5C(hex) 
The TR settings are the same except the radio address is 92.
I have tried to use TR-Log under Windows98 and also DOS 6.22 . Neither
provides computer control of the radio nor frequency reading of the radio.
I suspect this has been covered in some previous communication to the
reflector. I am looking for suggestions on what to search the archives for
to get to the earlier messages.
Thanks in advance for any help --- direct or indirect.

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