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Tonno Vahk tonno.vahk at mail.ee
Mon Dec 29 16:12:01 EST 2003

I described some time ago problems with DVKDELAY after S&P SSB EXCHANGE and

I found solution to S&P SSB EXCHANGE. I tried to get it work previously with
<03> and <04> around DVKDELAY. It did not work. Now I wrote the message with
ALT-P > O procedure from TR and used heart and diamond. It works!

So S&P SSB EXCHANGE seems to recongize only heart and diamond and no number
codes. Can anybody verify?

But EX SSB MEMORY F1 works with neither. If DVKDELAY of any sort is added it
does not produce call any more after pressing SPACE for ALT-D procedure or
after pressing ENTER in ordinary SP mode when station's call in in the call

That is why ALT-F3 does not work. ALT-F3 is OK in itself but the problem is
in the DVKDELAY.


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> 2. ALT-F3 message not working in SSB. I use SCKII by ZS4TX. It is a long
> waited solution for me. I am overwhelmingly happy having 6 SSB messages to
> use in TR as I use CW messages. One thing I cannot do is to use CQ SSB
> MEMORY ALTF3. When I activate it (CQ SSB MEMORY ALTF3 = DVK1) then I
> call the "On-deck" station with SPACE BAR - it either starts the ALT-F3
> message right away or sends my call on the main radio. Adding DVKDELAY to
> SSB MEMORY F1 or any other possible places does not help. Has anybody got
> working?
> 5. DVKDELAY did not seem to work for me after S&P SSB EXCHANGE with second
> radio. Thus I could not use it in ALT-D process. Even when the DVKDELAY
> added the CQ on the main radio started immidiately after I pressed ENTER
> give my exchange on 2nd RADIO and to log the QSO. Thus no Exchange got
> transmitted on the second radio (or just a millisecond of it got). It
> have been nice to use S&P SSB EXCHANGE in CQWW where the EXCHANGE is
> Bernie, ZS4TX, told that it is working for him so I wonder if anybody else
> has noticed the problem.
> Will be reading your comments with great interest.
> 73
> Tonno
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