[Trlog] Version 6.73 and Tentec Interface

Victor Goncharsky US5WE us5we at clx.latorica.lviv.ua
Tue Jul 1 09:59:27 EDT 2003

Здравствуйте, vilbe8.

Вы писали 30 июня 2003 г., 21:49:56:

vac> Hello all,

vac> I'm new to this list, but have been using TRLog for years.

vac> I loaded Version 6.73 and ran Field day this past weekend.  I had a TS-2000 
vac> connected to COM1 and the TenTec OMNI VI to Com2.  I had a major problem with 
vac> the computer and the TenTec communicating.  Most of the time, they were not 
vac> communicating.  About 20% of the time, the program functioned normally.  The rest 
vac> of the time, it was not good.  

vac> BTW, no problem at all with the Kenwood.

vac> I tried using just the Tentec, no luck.

vac> I tried a different contest, shutting down the computer.  Checked the com 
vac> port settings.  No luck.

vac> I did revert back to V6.71B and everything worked FB.  

vac> Anyone else have this happen?

vac> Thanks!

vac> Jim
vac> K3WU
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I have the same problem both with Omni VI and IC735.
The only solution I found to be workable is to use versions 6.70 and
down. I prefer 6.56.
73, Victor US5WE                          mailto:us5we at latorica.lviv.ua

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