[Trlog] Re: Trlog Digest, Vol 7, Issue 1

Victor Goncharsky US5WE us5we at clx.latorica.lviv.ua
Wed Jul 2 09:43:33 EDT 2003

Hi Doug,

DSW> We used an Omni VI and 6.73 at K4FUN, with 99.9% success.  (on rare
DSW> occasions the wrong band or mode would display briefly.  We have 12
DSW> "SSB" QSOs in the log - out of just shy of 1,500 - though in fact the
DSW> rig never left CW mode)  

You meant 99.2% didn't you? (12 out of 1500)

I found that problem a long time ago but only recently have time to
study it. It looks like that there were some software changes around version 6.58
or so e.g.

1. The large "operational" logcfg.dat including (radio one type=ic735 , radio
one baud rate=1200 for ic735 OR type=ic735 baud rate=4800 for Omni VI) for both radios
which worked perfectly under 6.56 simply didn't do so on ver.6.60 and up.

2. Experiments with IC735, as a refrence ICOM interface rig,
gave the following results.
The refrence logcfg.dat created during "new contest creation"
with just one added line - "radio one baud rate=1200"
allowed to control the radio up to ver 6.70 although Alt-B/Alt-V
sometimes weren't working. Adding different parameters through Ctrl-J
could lead to "no control" situation.
Version 6.71b started to give confusing frequencies like 44o1 etc when
trying to change the band from keyboard (Alt-B/Alt-V) NOSSB and NOCW
were quite common as well.

Versions 6.72 and 6.73 didn't allow to control the radio at all.

Tried different computers from IBM L40SX to Athlon, P4 and 2X850 TYAN
Tiger 100 with all kinds of serial port configurations DTE, DCE, loops
etc (under DOS 6.22 ONLY, NO Windows!!!). The results were similar.

DSW> We selected IC761 as the rig and were operating at 2400 baud.  K1KY
DSW> (whose Omni it was) did *something* in the rig's setup menus but he did
DSW> it pretty quickly & I'm not sure what he did.  
3. I'm sceptical about these tricks - the system can fail at any time,
usually, when P5 is answering your call.

Therefore we (Daddy Vlad U5WF and myself) use version 6.56 both with
Omni VI and IC735 and are quite satisfied with it.

So if you have those radios I can only sujest to follow our track.

73, Victor US5WE                          mailto:us5we at latorica.lviv.ua

clx: telnet

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