[Trlog] DOS is your FIRST test

Barry Martz k8bk at speedconnect.com
Tue Jul 1 19:31:40 EDT 2003

I still don't understand WHY people keep running TRLog in Windows.  If you
run it in windows, windows controls things.  If you run it in DOS, TRLog
controls things.

If you have a problem running in windows, the FIRST thing to try is running
TRLog in DOS.  REBOOT into DOS, then load TRlog.  I have never had any
problems with ports running in DOS, (NOT A DOS WINDOW).

Sri for the bandwidth, but I see all these problems and then see people
continue to run the DOS programs in Windows.  Their are so many CHEAP or
FREE pc's out there, run TRLog on the cheapies and run WINDOWS on the BETTER
computer IF you need windows for some reason (packectcluster via the
internet or whatever).

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