[Trlog] DOS is your FIRST test

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Sat Jul 5 22:54:55 EDT 2003

At 06:31 PM 7/1/03 -0400, Barry Martz wrote:
>I still don't understand WHY people keep running TRLog in Windows.  If you
>run it in windows, windows controls things.  If you run it in DOS, TRLog
>controls things.
>If you have a problem running in windows, the FIRST thing to try is running
>TRLog in DOS.  REBOOT into DOS, then load TRlog.  I have never had any
>problems with ports running in DOS, (NOT A DOS WINDOW).
>Sri for the bandwidth, but I see all these problems and then see people
>continue to run the DOS programs in Windows.  Their are so many CHEAP or
>FREE pc's out there, run TRLog on the cheapies and run WINDOWS on the BETTER
>computer IF you need windows for some reason (packectcluster via the
>internet or whatever).

I sort of agree -- certainly if you have a problem with TR the first place 
to start hunting for the cause is to run under DOS and see if it 
recurs.  That being said, I VERY frequently run TR under Win98 SE with zero 
problems.  It's convenient and it works just fine with my setup -- a 200 
MHz pentium dedicated contest computer.  That, at least, establishes that 
it can be done, including full-blown 2-radio CW contesting. YMMV.

73, Pete N4ZR
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