[Trlog] Re: Trlog Digest, Vol 7, Issue 1

Victor Goncharsky US5WE us5we at clx.latorica.lviv.ua
Wed Jul 2 09:45:51 EDT 2003

Hi, Ron.

RDR> There are three versions of OmniVI firmware. Each acts a bit differently from
RDR> a radio communications point of view. That is why some work with the Icom 
RDR> error preventing measures put on with V6.72 and some don't. The Ten Tec 
RDR> section of the code needs some further special attention. I tried to bypass 
RDR> the Icom fixes for Omnis, but did not get it right.

This doesn't explain the similar IC735 behavoir

73, Victor US5WE                          mailto:us5we at latorica.lviv.ua

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