[Trlog] POST U E Bollocks!

VR2BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Thu Jul 3 03:39:41 EDT 2003

Latest POST UEB bombs with 021F:484C on my trmaster.asc file.

That file bombs with previous versions of POST (xxxx:484C), but a previous 
of the .asc file works fine.  The differences between the two .asc files 
are minor & the
one with the problem isn't too much bigger.

I can't find anything untoward in the problematic .asc file.  I thought I 
was on to
something just a moment ago, as there were 31 instances of this:

7K1FFF =H255

But replacing them with something less didn't help (unless =H200 is a 
problem, too).

Interesting trend with these 255-hit calls:

7K1III =H255 =U10 =W12-Feb-00

They are all either triple-letters like that, or calls where the prefix 
repeats itself
in the suffix (such as HZ1HZ - boy, I wish I've worked Ahmed 255 times!).

Compensation for eating the likes of VY1JA & K4JA?  Hmmm... I see it doesn't
eat JA3JA but for that call hits haven't maxed-out... just love them 
data points!

Anybody else trying to work with large trmaster.asc files, or is that not 
on any

73, VR2BrettGraham

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