[Trlog] Help with log retrieval!

k5zm k5zm at comcast.net
Fri Jul 4 02:31:37 EDT 2003

Ug. OK.. Let me see if I can properly explain this;)

We need help retrieving our station B log from FD. The "station B" part is
actually a bit irrelevant in that although we had a network cable between it
and station A, it was down the whole time.

So FD ends.. and we ALT-X and flush the last 5 Qs into the log. No problem
there. At this point I realize that I (as the traditional log czar) hadn't
brought a floppy. No problem there, either. Bill can email me the file later

Well, he attempted to do just that.. And that's where things became very
mysterious. I don't know the exact keystrokes he used. But he apparently
fired up TR instead of POST because he saw the log come up (with all our Qs,
mind you!). He sees that he needs to be in POST instead (not sure why, maybe
to do some post stuff before sending it to me). He exits out of the file and
fires up POST. Only now, our log.dat and .rst files are missing. Actually,
to be more precise, it's still here, but it now only contains the first 49
Qs!! We made 911 Qs from station B! When opened with a DOS editor, there's
absolutely no sign of corruption whatsoever. When opened up via Windows
(with, say, wordpad), the 49Qs show up, but on the 50th line there is a
series of tiny little.. boxes or squares going across the page horizontally.

We're ruling out some sort of massive data loss in that if we "forgot to
save" something, it should *all* be gone. We'd have lost everything,
including those first 49Qs. What we *are* suspecting, however, is that it
somehow became fragmented.

We've done numerous file searches under numerous parameters. The only real
"suspect" file is something called ShellConCache. However, I can't open the
thing with any app that'll make sense of what's in it. There's no extension
on the filename.

I remember reading not too long ago about an op who -via a set of
circumstances I can't recall-  thought he'd lost his entire log, but with
the help of people here was able to resurrect it. We're holding fast to
similar hopes:)

Tree, if you happen to see this and have some time, perhaps Bill (N7OU) or I
could give you a call? Or one of us could call you? I've got his 'puter over
here at my place in an effort to try and work this thing out.

Tnx es 73,

Ian @ K7AW
"Uh, this is no offense, but,uh... You are a robot, aren't you?"

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