[Trlog] TR Log PTT for SSB Help Please

G0MIC at aol.com G0MIC at aol.com
Thu Jul 3 23:30:20 EDT 2003

Thank you Don for the key to a solution. Unfortunately if you put the Vox Off 
command after the DRU playback command it turns off the vox immediately and 
the message keeps playing but not transmitting.

My solution for the time being is to use
on function keys 1 to 3 with PB1; being changed with the appropriate number 
and function key 4 has
This terminates the message and turns off the vox.

I have also set the vox gain to 0 so that it does not turn on under ordinary 
voice control (we use a footswitch and boom mike) and also cut down on the Vox 
Delay so that the PTT turns off as soon as the message completes.

Tree your comments duly noted.  Having had Don's reply I have realised that 
there is a way by testing the DRU status but this would be far too specific a 
task applicable only to a few people and would make the set up far too 

Thank you gentlemen for your very prompt help.


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