[Trlog] POST U E Bollocks!

VR2BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Fri Jul 4 02:38:44 EDT 2003

By adding line-by-line the differences between an older version of my 
file which works & my current trmaster.asc file & UEBing it each time, I 
have found
the culprit:

K6III =C03 =H261 =I06 =NJERRY =QCa =W09-Mar-03 =OK6SMH

If I change hits to a lower number, UEB no longer bombs with 021F:484C.

I'm constantly editing my trmaster.asc file, though do UEFFs from time to time
(perhaps once every few months).  I see H255 for triple-letter suffixed calls,
regardless of when they were last worked (as you can see, I use USER3 for 
For calls where the prefix is repeated in the suffix, lines like:

AA6AA =H255
JA3JA =C25 =H27 =NFUMI =W25-Sep-99
HZ1HZ =C21 =H255 =NAHMED =W15-Dec-02

Are somewhat contradictory, as I haven't worked AA6AA in yonks, but as much
as I'd like to have worked Ahmed 255 times, I did work him in the ARRL 28 Mc
test & not Fumi, suggesting this problem started with either POST 6.72 or
6.72A & that double-letter-prefixes-repeated-in-the-suffix might be in the same
boat as triple-letter suffixes.

I'm surprised nobody has managed to hit maximum hits for real, suggesting
nobody who uses SCP makes lots of contacts?

73, VR2BrettGraham

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