[Trlog] Help with log retrieval! *an important clarification* ;)

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Fri Jul 4 03:11:08 EDT 2003

I've probably gone overboard in my attempt to be as detailed as possible. I
should have just said something like "We had this happen, what are your
sugguestions?" None of this is Bill's fault, so don't anybody be needlin'
him about it ;)

Seriously though, even if our data is toast, we'd really like to know *how
and why* it got that way.

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> Ug. OK.. Let me see if I can properly explain this;)
> We need help retrieving our station B log from FD. The "station B" part is
> actually a bit irrelevant in that although we had a network cable between
> and station A, it was down the whole time.
> So FD ends.. and we ALT-X and flush the last 5 Qs into the log. No problem
> there. At this point I realize that I (as the traditional log czar) hadn't
> brought a floppy. No problem there, either. Bill can email me the file
> on.
> Well, he attempted to do just that.. And that's where things became very
> mysterious. I don't know the exact keystrokes he used. But he apparently
> fired up TR instead of POST because he saw the log come up (with all our
> mind you!). He sees that he needs to be in POST instead (not sure why,
> to do some post stuff before sending it to me). He exits out of the file
> fires up POST. Only now, our log.dat and .rst files are missing. Actually,
> to be more precise, it's still here, but it now only contains the first 49
> Qs!! We made 911 Qs from station B! When opened with a DOS editor, there's
> absolutely no sign of corruption whatsoever. When opened up via Windows
> (with, say, wordpad), the 49Qs show up, but on the 50th line there is a
> series of tiny little.. boxes or squares going across the page
> We're ruling out some sort of massive data loss in that if we "forgot to
> save" something, it should *all* be gone. We'd have lost everything,
> including those first 49Qs. What we *are* suspecting, however, is that it
> somehow became fragmented.
> We've done numerous file searches under numerous parameters. The only real
> "suspect" file is something called ShellConCache. However, I can't open
> thing with any app that'll make sense of what's in it. There's no
> on the filename.
> I remember reading not too long ago about an op who -via a set of
> circumstances I can't recall-  thought he'd lost his entire log, but with
> the help of people here was able to resurrect it. We're holding fast to
> similar hopes:)
> Tree, if you happen to see this and have some time, perhaps Bill (N7OU) or
> could give you a call? Or one of us could call you? I've got his 'puter
> here at my place in an effort to try and work this thing out.
> Tnx es 73,
> Ian @ K7AW
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