[Trlog] Omni VI interface

R. Torsten Clay tclay at netdoor.com
Tue Jul 8 21:16:18 EDT 2003

I have heard that TR 6.73 is working with some Omni VI's, but it is
still not working with mine (it used to!).

Radio: Omni VI model 563 (NOT Omni VI+, not upgraded to +)
       cde is turned off. address set to 04
Computer: Gateway 5100 laptop
	  Windows 95 booted directly into DOS (GUI set off in config.sys)
	  smartdrv c+
TR 6.73

RADIO ONE BAUD RATE = 1200/2400/4800 (tried all 3, behaves the same).

Here is what happens:

1) Radio type setting: I tried IC735, IC761, IC781, and OMNIVI.  Of
   those IC781 works best, and OMNIVI the worst.

2) Basic problem: with the exception of the OMNIVI radio setting
   (which doesn't work at all), the problem is that the Omni can
   understand commands from TR, but TR can't receive anything from the
   Omni. The one exception is with IC781, where occaisonally TR gets
   the frequency from the radio after a alt-V or alt-B. With the IC781
   setting, a alt-v/alt-b works correctly after about 5 tries.

   When turning the tuning knob, TR never gets the frequency changes
   even with the IC781 setting.

3) If I turn off POLL RADIO ONE, the Omni follows TR flawlessly. (But
   of course TR gets no information from the radio).

4) Changing baud rate makes no difference
5) Here is what is interesting: when the program is first started, it
   always reads the frequency from the Omni with no problems (radio
   type set to any of IC735, IC761, IC781). How is that first read
   handled differently in the program?


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