[Trlog] Omni VI interface

R. Torsten Clay tclay at netdoor.com
Tue Jul 8 22:31:12 EDT 2003

More information:

changing the baud rate does make a difference. If I set the baud rate to 
9600, then:

IC735 : radio follows band changes 90% of the time. Correct frequency is
displayed after the band change. Lots of "# Radio one communication
error". However, TR does not detect band/frequency the radio is on when
starting the program, and the frequency is never displayed. Changing bands
from the radio is not picked up by the program.

IC781, 761 : do not function at all at 9600 baud

OMNI6 : like IC735, but no communcation warnings displayed.


On Tue, 8 Jul 2003, R. Torsten Clay wrote:

> I have heard that TR 6.73 is working with some Omni VI's, but it is
> still not working with mine (it used to!).
> Radio: Omni VI model 563 (NOT Omni VI+, not upgraded to +)
>        cde is turned off. address set to 04
> Computer: Gateway 5100 laptop
> 	  Windows 95 booted directly into DOS (GUI set off in config.sys)
> 	  smartdrv c+
> TR 6.73
> RADIO ONE BAUD RATE = 1200/2400/4800 (tried all 3, behaves the same).
> Here is what happens:
> 1) Radio type setting: I tried IC735, IC761, IC781, and OMNIVI.  Of
>    those IC781 works best, and OMNIVI the worst.
> 2) Basic problem: with the exception of the OMNIVI radio setting
>    (which doesn't work at all), the problem is that the Omni can
>    understand commands from TR, but TR can't receive anything from the
>    Omni. The one exception is with IC781, where occaisonally TR gets
>    the frequency from the radio after a alt-V or alt-B. With the IC781
>    setting, a alt-v/alt-b works correctly after about 5 tries.
>    When turning the tuning knob, TR never gets the frequency changes
>    even with the IC781 setting.
> 3) If I turn off POLL RADIO ONE, the Omni follows TR flawlessly. (But
>    of course TR gets no information from the radio).
> 4) Changing baud rate makes no difference
> 5) Here is what is interesting: when the program is first started, it
>    always reads the frequency from the Omni with no problems (radio
>    type set to any of IC735, IC761, IC781). How is that first read
>    handled differently in the program?
> Tor
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