[Trlog] Newbie problem/question

Mike Brown k9mi at arrl.net
Fri Jul 11 13:23:42 EDT 2003

Hi Bob

I just tried to duplicate this on my Dos/XP dualboot
system, and it worked ok. I even put in odd ball
cq zones and things other then "59" for a signal 
report. It would even accept "wrong" things like
53 04
Which is really wrong! 

Suggestions:  Don't run TR with Win 2k. 
1) delete the restart.bin and try again
2) your confing.sys may need some tweaking
There is good info in the manual, or I can 
show you what I'm using.

Mike K9MI

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Subject: [Trlog] Newbie problem/question

> I just loaded TR 6.73 on my laptop, and have been following
the example in
> the manual
> using the CQ WW DX contest.
> My problem is that if I type even one incorrect character in
the exchange
> window, the program locks up.  Nothing will allow me to
escape, as the
> keyboard won't respond.  Even ctrl-alt-del won't get its
> Is this typical for TR?  I can't believe it is that fragile,
after this many
> versions.
> I assume there is something I don't know about that has to be
set?  Can't
> find any help in the manual so far.  Any ideas what to look
> Background:
> Laptop is IBM 770.
> Hard drive is partitioned for dual boot.  At startup, I can
select Win2KPro
> or MS-DOS to run.  Running DOS 6.22.  TR version is 6.73.
> I'm not a DOS person, so don't have much experience with this
> Can anyone help with this?
> Thanks and 73
> Bob N6WG
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