[Trlog] ADIF Conversion program

Richard Ferch ve3iay at rac.ca
Thu Jul 10 23:37:43 EDT 2003

On Thu Jul 10 at 16:37:57 EDT 2003,
Dick Stepanian <w6tk at juno.com> wrote:

> Hello All,
>         Looking for some help on a conversion program.  I hope to play,
> as time permits, in IARU coming up.  But need an ADIF conversion program
> to import log after the contest into Logger32.
>         I tried to convert TR file - both ASCII and Cabrillo as well as
> original log files - after Field Day into ADIF file and import into
> Logger32.  It didn't accept it.  Needed "playing" with to get it there.
>        Hoping there is a better conversion program out there to ease the
> transition process.
>         Thanks
> Dick- W6TK

OK, Dick, I'll bite. What conversion program or method were you using? As
far as I can tell, Logger32 only imports ADIF format, and neither TRLog nor
POST can produce an ADIF file directly, so there was probably some other
software involved.

I started my testing with LogConv (http://www.qsl.net/ka5wss/logconv/).

I ran this on an old TRLog log.dat file for Field Day and tried to import
the resulting ADIF file into Logger32. Logger32 didn't like it because there
was no rst_rcvd field (no rst_sent field either). I had to edit
<rst_rcvd:3>599 <rst_sent:3>599 into the ADIF file to make it acceptable to
Logger32. I would guess that NAQP, NA Sprint and SS files would have the
same problem.

On the other hand, when I ran LogConv on last year's IARU log.dat file,
Logger32 was happy with the ADIF file LogConv produced, so for IARU, LogConv
should be fine.

Next, TRADIF (http://www.qsl.net/ok1rr/softnav.html). I ran this on both the
Field Day log.dat and the IARU log.dat. Logger32 accepted both ADIF files
first time around. Actually, there is a problem with the Field Day log,
though. TRADIF's standard conversion option puts the received exchange into
the rst_rcvd field, which is almost certainly not what you want. The IARU
ADIF file looked better to me, but note that it put the exchange for HQ
stations into the name field instead of the comment field, which might be a

Cabrillo files: The first thing to beware of is that Field Day appears to be
one of the contests that POST doesn't produce a good Cabrillo file for. If
you look in the Cabrillo file, there is no sent exchange. You can either
edit the received exchange in by hand using WordPad, or you can use WT4I's
Cabrillo Converter (http://www.wt4i.com/) to put the sent exchange into the
Cabrillo file.

Cabrillo Converter doesn't seem to like TRLog log.dat files, because there
is no space between the band and mode. However, it does a good job of
"fixing up" the pseudo-Cabrillo files that POST produces for contests that
aren't on the official Cabrillo list, and it seems to work fine on
ARRL-format log files from POST /L /A. For IARU, all that is academic,
because POST produces a perfectly good Cabrillo file for IARU.

You still have to get the Cabrillo file into ADIF, of course. I'm not sure
what you used for this. LogConv can output to Cabrillo, but as far as I know
it cannot read Cabrillo files.

I used my own CBR2ADIF program (http://www.storm.ca/~ve3iay/cbr2adif.html)
on both the fixed-up Field Day pseudo-Cabrillo file and the IARU Cabrillo
file, and Logger32 accepted both ADIF files. Note that CBR2ADIF puts
rst_rcvd and rst_sent fields into the ADIF file even if the contest exchange
doesn't include signal reports.

So, there seem to be at least three options for you for the upcoming IARU:

1. Use LogConv on your log.dat file;
2. Use TRADIF on your log.dat file; or
3.  Use CBR2ADIF on your Cabrillo file (from POST).

Does this help?


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