[Trlog] Single character in exchange field

Alan Kaul, W6RCL alan.kaul at worldnet.att.net
Sun Jul 13 04:32:04 EDT 2003

The logging of IARU HQ stations was erratic and iconsistent..... and I was
using the band map.

I worked and logged IARU, ARRL, RAC correctly  then TR-log, V-6.73 would not
take HRS for 9A0HQ.  I logged the QSO with the wrong info then went into
EDIT mode to change the last entry.  The very next call, however, DA0HQ/DARC
was logged OK.

Later TR-log would not accept a 2-digit zone for YT1AD.  But when I wiped
the zone, did a tab to get back to the call window. And then hit enter, it
AUTO-FILLED the 2-digit zone accurately!

GB0HQ/RSGB was an EDIT, as was another 9A0HQ/HRS, but ten QSO's later, the
program accepted NZART.  Followed by another edit for CT1REP/REP.

the log OK.  But S50HQ/ZRS required an edit.

LY0HQ/LRMD went into the log OK, as did IU4HQ/ARI.  And this time when I
entered 9A0HQ, TR-log auto-filled with HRS.

Then I saw TREE's note about the band map and set BAND MAP to FALSE.
Afterward, I worked JARL and ARRL and had no problem entering the info in
the exchange window.

Alan Kaul, W6RCL, LaCanada, CA
w6rcl at amsat.org

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