[Trlog] TR-Log and IARU test

wo4o at juno.com wo4o at juno.com
Mon Jul 14 12:51:06 EDT 2003

While this is fresh in the mind of LOW POWER ops, please consider taking
the following actions to effect change by the decision makers of the
Identify your category listing as LOW (power) on your Log and/or Summary
sheet (TR-Log offers this choice -- even though there is NO LOW POWER
category in this contest).
Add to your SOAPBOX comments:  Increased participation = LOW POWER
Send E-mail requesting rule change to add LOW POWER category to IARU HF
World Championship to:

LPrice at iaru.org

DWardlaw at iaru.org

DSumner at arrl.org

G3OZF at btinternet.com

W6ROD at arrl.org

IARU-R3 at jarl.or.jp

Any other actionable ideas?
73 Ric Wo4o

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