[TRLog] IARU Initial Exchange problem?

Bob Wolbert, K6XX k6xx at ihwy.com
Mon Jul 14 17:36:58 EDT 2003

Put me down as having the problem. And another as well.

I fixed the initial exchange problem by manually re-entering the missing HQ
exchanges and running the corrected log through TR READ. This is the first
time I used this option; its interesting to watch. Too bad I'm not that fast
during the  contest!

Something funny happened somewhere along the line to Cabrillo output-- 30k
points and many mults mysteriously disappeared. I GAINED a couple of QSOs
(from former dupes) and a few dozen QSO points! All the mults were HQ
(text). For example, I lost one on 40 CW, 11 on 20 CW, gained 1 on 20 phone,
and lot one on 15 CW. No, these were NOT mults lost on one mode and gained
on the other. Here's a log extract that shows the mult issue:

 20CW  13-Jul-03 04:51  768  LY0HQ          599  599      lrmd
 20CW  13-Jul-03 04:52  769  KN4Y/M         599  599  08
 20SSB 13-Jul-03 04:55  770  LY0HQ          59   59       lrmd

Notice I worked the LY-HQ stn twice within three Qs, once on CW, once on
phone. Notice BOTH count for points (i.e., neither are a dupe). Why doesn't
the first one count as a multiplier? It DID the first time I ran a summary
sheet on the raw, error-strewn log, but not later.

My "problem" is not urgent, because I merely returned to a (saved) earlier
edition and manually re-made the corrections. It'd be nice to know what
happened, however, since I wouldn't have noticed except I remembered the
claimed score on the earlier summary sheet differed from that on the
Cabrillo. (Re-running POST R S on the corrupted LOG.DAT also gave the lower
score on a new summary sheet).

BTW, saying that "this doesn't matter, since the scores are recalculated by
the log checker" is not acceptable, IMHO, since it is my claimed score that
I compare against previous efforts and use in future planning. The mult
checker portion of POST didn't work last year, either.

73 de Bob, K6XX

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