[Trlog] IARU Initial Exchange problem?

VE6JY Don Moman ve6jy at freenet.edmonton.ab.ca
Sat Jul 12 07:37:26 EDT 2003

Well, here using 6,73 and IN EX to Zone, your example (and another) log

73 Don
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Subject: [Trlog] IARU Initial Exchange problem?

> I'm trying 6.73 with INITIAL EXCHANGE set to ZONE.
> It will not allow me to enter an HQ abbreviation.
> It will only accept one alpha character as the
> exchange. The exchange windows cycles through
> each character typed, showing only one character
> at a time.  Hitting enter logs only the last character
> typed as the exchange.
> For example, when I enter DA0HQ as the call, and
> DARC as the exchange, it logs "C" as the exchange.
> Setting INITIAL EXCHANGE = NONE seems to cure the
> problem.  Unfortunately, it also stops auto-populating
> the zone field for all QSOs.
> I can't reproduce the problem with 6.72.  I can only
> make it happen with 6.73.
> -Kirk  K4RO
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