[Trlog] IARU Initial Exchange problem?

K4RO Kirk Pickering k4ro at k4ro.net
Sat Jul 12 02:00:59 EDT 2003

I'm trying 6.73 with INITIAL EXCHANGE set to ZONE.
It will not allow me to enter an HQ abbreviation.
It will only accept one alpha character as the
exchange. The exchange windows cycles through
each character typed, showing only one character
at a time.  Hitting enter logs only the last character 
typed as the exchange.

For example, when I enter DA0HQ as the call, and
DARC as the exchange, it logs "C" as the exchange.

Setting INITIAL EXCHANGE = NONE seems to cure the
problem.  Unfortunately, it also stops auto-populating
the zone field for all QSOs.

I can't reproduce the problem with 6.72.  I can only
make it happen with 6.73.

-Kirk  K4RO

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