[Trlog] FD truncated logs

Tree tree at kkn.net
Fri Jul 11 12:10:17 EDT 2003

I am aware of two cases where FD logs were truncated.  In both cases, it 
isn't clear to understand what happened - and if TR was at fault or the OS,
or something else.

My first reason for posting this is to ask if anyone else had a similar 

In one case, I was able to find most of the data in the restart file.  In
the other case, I wasn't.  I think the difference between the two cases
was that the restart file was overwritten by the program.  I think I will
try to add some protection in the program to check the size of the restart
file, and if it is about to be over-written with a smaller file, ask the
operator if they really want to do that.  

During this, I found one bug.  If you use the default file names for your
log (LOG.DAT, LOG.TMP, RESTART.BIN and LOGCFG.DAT), POST will not be able
to read the RESTART.BIN file if you use the utility to generate an ASCII
file of the information in the RESTART.BIN file.  You need to rename it
to something like FD03.RST and have your LOGCFG.DAT file be FD03.CFG.  

I'll try to fix that in the next version of POST.

73 Tree

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