[Trlog] TR and WAE - QTC logging issues solved!

K2ONP at aol.com K2ONP at aol.com
Wed Jul 16 00:05:02 EDT 2003

Problem Solved!
Several of you mentioned that TR generates a separate file containing the 
detailed QTC information that the DARC needed for scoring.  These data are in a 
file called QTC.DAT.  I'm not sure whether QTC.DAT is generated separately 
along with the LOG.DAT or  whether it is derived from LOG.DAT at the time POST is 
I haven't checked this year's rules, but the problem I had with my submission 
last year was that I failed to include QTC.DAT along with my log.  Since that 
was my first WAE submission using TR, I never knew the file existed!
Other than my mistake, the QTC function works very well on CW.

Thanks to everyone for their help and patience.

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