K4RO Kirk Pickering k4ro at k4ro.net
Thu Jul 17 11:52:26 EDT 2003

I think Jimmy is QRV now.  One tip I'll add is to
put a SPST switch in series with the backup battery
on the PK-232.  That way, you can keep stored settings
when necessary, and also do a simple reset when you
need to start from the autobaud routine. The switch
has saved some time and headaches here, especially when
switching between TR and WF1B SW.  C U all in NAQP RTTY.

-Kirk  K4RO

On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 01:04:31AM +0000, VR2BrettGraham wrote:
> VE3IAY replied to NQ4U:
> >If Brett or Kirk is around, they can give you more details, but I believe
> >that the RTTY SEND STRING needs to be TC<0D>X<0D>.

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