VR2BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Wed Jul 16 02:04:31 EDT 2003

VE3IAY replied to NQ4U:

>If Brett or Kirk is around, they can give you more details, but I believe
>that the RTTY SEND STRING needs to be TC<0D>X<0D>. I don't remember whether
>the CTRL-D syntax works either; you may have to change your RTTY RECEIVE
>STRING to <04>.

Those are correct.

>http://lists.contesting.com/_trlog/2001-September/007964.html and
>http://lists.contesting.com/_trlog/2002-September/009452.html for more on
>Your PK-232 also needs to be set to 7 bits (AWLEN 7).

I long ago pulled the battery from my PK-232, so if that is the default 
then this
is why I don't recall ever setting that (either that, or I need more tea 
;^).  After
autobauding it (getting the PK-232 to recognize data rate to computer), I
set EAS ON (echo as sent) & WORD (wordout, send word when completed
instead each character as soon as received from computer) ON.  The only other
one I know of now is for WAE RTTY - set CWID $00, otherwise when you send
QTCs the PK-232 will also include a CW ID with each line.

>To abort a message in midstream, hit the Radio 1/2 button to send the rest
>into the bit bucket, or you can program a function key to <03>R<0D> to use
>as an Abort key.
>Have I missed anything important, guys?
>Good luck, Jimmy - hope you get it working satisfactorily.

One of Rich's previous suggestions is quite important, IMHO: start your QSL
MESSAGE with an @ as CALL OKAY NOW MESSAGE doesn't work in RTTY

Have fun!

73, VR2BrettGraham

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