[Trlog] Version 6.73 Problem?

Bob Wanderer aa0cy at quadnet.net
Tue Jul 22 21:35:51 EDT 2003

While using version 6.73 in the IARU, I noticed that the
callsigns in the bandmap would blink as I passed by the
frequency, but the callsign did not appear in the callsign
window.  This problem disappeared when I switched to version
6.72, although I noticed some issues with the exchange when
an IARU headquarters station was being worked.  (I noticed
that if the callsign of an IARU headquarters station that I
had worked previously on another or the same band was
entered into the callsign window from the bandmap (as I was
S&P'ing), the IARU ID (e.g. veron) would appear.  However,
if I manually entered the call and hit the spacebar or
enter, the zone would appear in the exchange window.  Also,
the zone would not disappear as I entered the IARU ID so I
had to edit the log.  When I did so, the "are you sure?"
window did not appear, although it did when I edited a
callsign.)  Insofar as the zone versus IARU ID issue is
concerned, one other user indicated that it had happened to

I thought that perhaps the program had gotten munged.
George Fremin was nice enough to e-mail me a new one, but
the same problem occurred.  I didn't see anything obvious in
the release notes, but perhaps there is some [new]
configuration command that I need to modify.  So attached is
the config file I used successfully in 6.72 and
unsuccessfully in 6.73.  Perhaps someone will be able to
find the cure.

Thanks and 73,
Bob Wanderer AA0CY

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