[Trlog] IOTA exchange format?

Paul B. Peters, VE7AVV ve7avv at shaw.ca
Wed Jul 23 11:44:06 EDT 2003

What is the proper exchange format for the upcoming IOTA contest?

I have entered MY IOTA correctly in the config file and done some testing
but I'm not sure all is well. For example, if I work a VE7 on NA-036 I would
enter the call and then 59001NA036 -- but TR does not seem to recognize that
entry. According to the IOTA rules the exchange is 59 followed by a 3-digit
number followed by the IOTA reference if applicable.

What am I doing wrong?

73 de Paul, VE7AVV
StoneyGround Station
"All email from this address is checked by Norton AntiVirus 2003"

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