[Trlog] SO2R inteerfaces

Len Revelle lenrev at ameritech.net
Sat Jul 26 12:28:00 EDT 2003

Please forgive my posting to both forums but I use both apps
and the questions are relevent.

I am preparing to move to SO2R. I plan to use Kenwoords
(2000/680) and have both WriteLog and TR. While I have a
Win98SE machine, my primary machine uses Win2K for OS. I
prefer this machine. I have yet to become as comfortable
with WL as TR. 

I have considered the W5XD Multi-keyer, ZS4TX SCK3 through
Array Solutions, and the DX Doubler from Top 10.

The following questions come to mind:

1. Preferring flexibility, are all three fully-functional
regardless of software choice (or any software at all)? It
would appear so but the Multi-keyer seems so geared toward
WL, I'm not sure of this one.

2. While I think the Multi-keyer functions under W2K, is
this true of the others? 

I appreciate any suggestions or comments. 

    Len Revelle   N9IJ
   lenrev at ameritech.net
   AMA 60055   LSF 7492
My career goal is to retire.

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