[Trlog] TRlog and WinTelnetX

Punkymcd at pacbell.net Punkymcd at pacbell.net
Sat Jul 26 15:24:29 EDT 2003

Okay, movin' right along.
Now I have the program that I can supposedly get telenet 
spots into TRlog how do I get it to work?

Anyone successful?

Let's compare systems. Mine is relatively simple.
1. Using TRlog 6.73 on a 600mhz PII and Windows 98.
2. Internal 56k modem on Com 3 that I connect to PacBell.
3. I can connect to the NF6S node via the telenet using 
WriteLog or DXbase 2000 so I know that works.

But with WinTelnetX I get boggled down in setup. Probably 
due to cockpit errors that I usually blame on old age or 
some such.

Anyone with a similar setup and possibly an .ini file I 
could try?

I don't want to give up TRlog's ease of use for WriteLog if 
I can possibly avoid it. Sure wish Tree would make the 
telenet biz easier for us.

Tnx for the help.

73, Don, W6OA

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