[Trlog] TRLog v6.72 and Icom 735

Akins, William William.Akins at maine.gov
Mon May 5 14:48:11 EDT 2003


Just upgraded to v6.72 from v6.56 for the NEQP(I know, that's too long but
it wasn't by choice) and could not get the rig interface to work with my
Icom 735 (I know, rig is a dinosaur but works well for Field Day and a
backup). The interface worked fine for my Icom 735 when using v6.56 and
earlier versions for past Field Days and other contests, but after the
upgrade to 6.72 the program will only (sometimes) receive the initial freq
and mode from the Icom, then it locks up and won't change as I tune, also
can't send cw to the parallel port. I am using the same input config file I
used with v6.56, Receiver Address 4 etc. I have not changed any other
parameters either. I tried it with the old v6.56 afterwards on the same
computer and it works fine, but of course I couldn't work NEQP with that
because it wasn't supported. Any suggestions?

73 es tnx
Bill, W1LEE

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