[Trlog] RE: Sprint mode question

Ken Beals k6mr at pacbell.net
Mon Aug 30 21:37:28 EDT 2004

Wow.  I guess everyone sees "simplicity" a different way.  Looks 
interesting, but like you say, a serious learning curve.  Maybe if you 
have a NCCC get together at your place it would make an interesting 

I just use the shift keys for the RIT, with a few other keys doing the 
on/off, and clear programmed into the TU messages. 

dit dit,


Eric Hilding wrote:

> Ken, K6MR kindly responded:
> > Since the call window is cleared once you send the
> > exchange,  you can't just send the call window.   In the case of the NS
> > (which is really the Internet Sprint format), it can get ugly.
> Ugly is a kind word :-)
> > I do have the Alt keys set to identical messages in both modes:  things
> > like UR CALL?, NR?  NAME?  etc. are pretty useful.  I also try to use
> > the same F key in all modes for the same info.  Besides having a cheat
> > sheet taped to the keyboard.  I suppose after ten years of using 
> this it
> > might become second nature, but not at the moment.
> I'm reducing as much as possible to SINGLE key functionality, and use 
> two X-Keys strips
> mounted at a 45 degree angle for fingertip reach, PLUS a separate 
> keypad...all color coded
> buttons, and do the call, qth, name, etc. via these keys independently 
> of TR key-combos
> (except that the key basically opens Send-CW, then whatever I type 
> into the X-Keys Macro,
> then Enter).  For regular F function, I just pre-program any colored 
> button to do the work of
> an "F" key.  I can also tune my Kenwood RIT with two fingers hardly 
> raised off the keyboard.
> It works VERY cool.  Another 6 months of practice with it and I should 
> be dangerous by then!
> You can see the setup (always in constant Beta Test) at:  
> http://www.k6vva.com ... look directly
> above the mini-keyboad & to the left :-)
> > For sending a partial call, just use @? in a key.  That will send
> > whatever is in the call window with an added ?.  So if you have only
> > entered W4, you'll get W4?  This is kind of a dual purpose, since if 
> you
> > don't have anything in the call window you just get ?
> Ah ha...I knew there had to be a way...TNX, Ken.
> 73...
> Rick, K6VVA
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