[Trlog] Small notebook LCD screen with DOS

R. Kline k7nj at zahav.net.il
Thu Dec 2 22:50:38 EST 2004

After finally getting my HP ze4340us notebook to run TR (with USB Thumb
drive + RAMdrive), I found the screen to be MUCH too small.  It was only
about 8 3/4 inch diagonally on the notebook's 15 inch screen.  I emailed HP
and received the following answer:
"When you use a DOS application that supports only VGA mode (640-by-480
resolution) with your computer, the screen image on the LCD Panel might look
slightly distorted or might appear smaller than the display size. This is to
maintain compatibility with DOS applications.This issue is not specific to
HP notebooks, but could occur with any notebook or desktop that uses a TFT
(LCD) display panel.Try connecting an external (VGA) monitor, toggle the
display and see howthe application / display appears on the external
monitor.For more information related to this issue please visit the
following website:http://www.procon.com.au/Monitors.htm "

I've looked over the above suggested website that indeed explains that the
problem is well known and a general one.  I hope to use my HP notebook when
doing portable work, and therefore don't want to use a separate monitor as
HP suggests.

My question to you distinguished reflectees is:  Have any of you
successfully overcome this problem without using an external monitor, and if
so, how did you do it?  If any special drivers or software were used, please
supply details (downloading source, and how to set up the software - or at
least where this data may be obtained).


Riki, K7NJ - 4X4NJ

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