[Trlog] Small notebook LCD screen with DOS

Bob Wolbert, K6XX k6xx at ihwy.com
Fri Dec 3 11:03:28 EST 2004

This problem is notebook PC-specific. There are a few that have solved it.

I've had great luck with an old Dell P-166MMX. It allows both dot-per-pixel
(small screen) and smart scaling to full screen with excellent resolution.
However a nearly identical Dell P-150 model was not as successful; the
screen did scale upward, but was "blocky" and harder to read than when
displayed smaller.

Of course, the P-166 (and the P150) are both plenty fast for TR-Log, even
when in a Windoze98SE shell.

73 de Bob, K6XX

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> After finally getting my HP ze4340us notebook to run TR (with USB Thumb
> drive + RAMdrive), I found the screen to be MUCH too small.  It was only
> about 8 3/4 inch diagonally on the notebook's 15 inch screen.  I
> emailed HP
> and received the following answer:
> "When you use a DOS application that supports only VGA mode (640-by-480
> resolution) with your computer, the screen image on the LCD Panel
> might look
> slightly distorted or might appear smaller than the display size.
> This is to
> maintain compatibility with DOS applications.This issue is not specific to
> HP notebooks, but could occur with any notebook or desktop that uses a TFT
> (LCD) display panel.Try connecting an external (VGA) monitor, toggle the
> display and see howthe application / display appears on the external
> monitor.For more information related to this issue please visit the
> following website:http://www.procon.com.au/Monitors.htm "


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