[Trlog] "All Sun" in beam heading window

Tree tree at kkn.net
Mon Dec 13 13:11:58 EST 2004

On Sun, Dec 12, 2004 at 11:46:47PM -0800, Jim Smith wrote:

> I do have the latest, well the penultimate latest, cty.dat.
> Well, I just keyed in RZ0ZWA (2320 local time) and the beam heading 
> window shows
> "UA9 309 4902 km  2142z/0438z".  I haven't checked the sunrise/sunset 
> times but the bearing/distance is right on for RZ0W according to DX Atlas.
> And what about the "all sun"?

There are places in the world where the sun currently doesn't set.  For 
whatever reason, TR thought this call was in one of those areas - I would
guess Antartica.

> Another mystery to me is that, while cty.dat shows a single lat/long for 
> all UA9 stations, TR, in its infinite wisdom, somehow knows that RZ0W is 
> at 309 while RZ0A is at 340 deg.  I can only presume that TR uses an 
> internal table of lat/long for each prefix.  Maybe I just don't know how 
> to decode the cty.dat file.

Yup - TR has a built in table of grid square for all of the different 

There are about 20 countries where this sort of thing happens.  


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