[Trlog] Running TR Log on a *new* computer

Hardy Landskov n7rt at cox.net
Wed Dec 22 21:25:12 EST 2004

Yes, there is I think. Get Tree to make the program compatabe with Windows
2K, XP, et al.   DOS is history. 
I could not operate the Stew because of the problems I had when I needed to
upgrade to Win 2000. I am not going to go to extreme measures to make this
program work as I upgrade to newer Windows operating systems. Look for old
laptops with Win 95 ? never happen......

At 06:29 PM 12/22/04 -0700, ah3c at frii.com wrote:
>Hi Tod -
>Long time since our last contact.  Love your e-mail address!
>What you are proposing is exactly what I wished I had earlier this year. 
>Yes, it's greek to me, but I still want to learn.  I was using TR on an
>older Compaq with hard disk and floppy removable disk, but my new XP
>machine that has e-mail does not have a floppy drive.  I was told by Best
>Buy I could get one with a cable to plug into the USB port for under $100,
>but I was also looking at those neat plug in USB modules.  I wanted to
>send my log via e-mail but couldn't.  I sent a floppy instead and ARRL
>couldn't read it.  So I sent another floppy containing the entire DOS
>program files and then they were able to accept it.
>There's gotta be a simple way of doing this.
>Happy Holidays from the Rockies!
>ex-W6RTT, etc.
>> One of the mentioned issues with respect to using TR log is
>> the need (desire) to run it on a MSDOS platform in a machine
>> that is using XP or a similarly recent operating system.
>> While search for something on Googol I encountered a number
>> of alternatives for removable hard drives that did not
>> require opening the computer system case. They are devices
>> which slide into the front of a desk top computer much the
>> way that Zip Disks a Jazz Disks did. However, these
>> removable enclosures allow you put your very own IDE hard
>> disk drive in them. Since 100 MB is a huge amount of storage
>> for an MSDOS system, this would allow folks an opportunity
>> to have a totally removable operating system and off line
>> storage arrangement using one of the older, too small for
>> real computing HDD's . When they are contesting they simply
>> pull out the cartridge that holds the XP, ME or similar
>> system and plug in the one that has TR and an MSDOS
>> operating system. If you  have a second HDD that has a small
>> FAT16 partition you can even have a way to carry data
>> between systems without resorting to diskettes.
>> If you understand what I have written above you might wish
>> to consider doing this. If what I have written is 'Greek' to
>> you, I suggest you simply have a separate computer that you
>> use to run TR. It will save you much time and intellectual
>> energy.
>> Tod, KØTO
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