[Trlog] Running TR Log on a *new* computer

Tod - Minnesota tod at k0to.us
Thu Dec 23 18:04:04 EST 2004


I used to think the way you do but I have now used WriteLog
in two relatively unimportant (to me) contests. I find it
user hostile and user information poor. It does, however,
meet the general standard for Windows programs, i.e. on line
help if you are lucky enough to guess the semantic reference
that appealed to the program author and the interaction with
the COM and LPT ports is limited by what you can get out of
the Windows program, operating system and hardware you have.
It has a multitude of 'windowy' options that have no
structuring around the hand, eye and ear motions that are a
part of the contest. The idea of using a 'mouse' to perform
some function or selection an option while I am logging at a
rate > 150 Q's per hour is not a physiological possibility
for an old codger like me ( you other guys with a check of
52 better wince when I write that -- it gets us all!)

I have gone back to the antediluvian (neat word) methodology
of TR with genuine pleasure. I have several aged computers
in storage waiting for their moment in the sun. I can swap
computers faster than I can install and tune operating
systems and new programs. I really don't care if we ever
move TR to Windows as long as Tree is doing the analysis of
how to operate the contest as he writes the code. It doesn't
get better than that.


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> All,
> Yes, there is I think. Get Tree to make the program
> with Windows
> 2K, XP, et al.   DOS is history. 
> I could not operate the Stew because of the problems I had

> when I needed to upgrade to Win 2000. I am not going to go
> extreme measures to make this program work as I upgrade to

> newer Windows operating systems. Look for old laptops with

> Win 95 ? never happen......
> N7RT

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