[Trlog] Running TR Log on a *new* computer

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Sun Dec 26 10:19:25 EST 2004

Hi all:

I have four new computers dual-booting DOS and Windows XP.
It's not too difficult to do and removes all of the problems with
trying to run TR under Windows...

If anyone wants the detailed procedure I wrote up, drop me
an e-mail.  It's about a 2 MByte word document and the
process looks harder than it actually is.

TR works fine under FreeDOS, so you can install that and even
avoid trying to find a legal copy of Windows 98SE!


Mark, KD4D

>  Hardy:
> I used to think the way you do but I have now used WriteLog
> in two relatively unimportant (to me) contests. I find it
> user hostile and user information poor. It does, however,
> meet the general standard for Windows programs, i.e. on line
> help if you are lucky enough to guess the semantic reference
> that appealed to the program author and the interaction with
> the COM and LPT ports is limited by what you can get out of
> the Windows program, operating system and hardware you have.
> It has a multitude of 'windowy' options that have no
> structuring around the hand, eye and ear motions that are a
> part of the contest. The idea of using a 'mouse' to perform
> some function or selection an option while I am logging at a
> rate > 150 Q's per hour is not a physiological possibility
> for an old codger like me ( you other guys with a check of
> 52 better wince when I write that -- it gets us all!)
> I have gone back to the antediluvian (neat word) methodology
> of TR with genuine pleasure. I have several aged computers
> in storage waiting for their moment in the sun. I can swap
> computers faster than I can install and tune operating
> systems and new programs. I really don't care if we ever
> move TR to Windows as long as Tree is doing the analysis of
> how to operate the contest as he writes the code. It doesn't
> get better than that.
> Tod, KØTO
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> > All,
> > Yes, there is I think. Get Tree to make the program
> compatabe 
> > with Windows
> > 2K, XP, et al.   DOS is history. 
> > I could not operate the Stew because of the problems I had
> > when I needed to upgrade to Win 2000. I am not going to go
> to 
> > extreme measures to make this program work as I upgrade to
> > newer Windows operating systems. Look for old laptops with
> > Win 95 ? never happen......
> > N7RT
> > 
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