[Trlog] Was ... *new* computer; now "Planning Tool"

Tod - Minnesota tod at k0to.us
Sun Dec 26 12:40:48 EST 2004

Mark's statements about dual boot arrangements are correct.
I have had some bad experiences with dual-boot (not related
to TR and probably induced by some action by me) so I no
longer have any boot options except the recovery option. If
I were going to dual boot once again I would only do it on a
computer that had two drives and I would put the second
system on the second drive. I now have a preference for
physical isolation between 'alien' operating systems. 

For me these 'non-standard' things work correctly almost
every time -- it is the "almost correct" time that
inevitably costs me many hours of computer recovery time
which means that I have lost forever some radio operating
time. That is of consequence for some folks.

As an experiment I invite the reader to do the following to
develop a life experience Planning Tool:

1. Take a blank piece of paper and draw a straight line from
side to side.
2. At the left end of the line put a capital letter "B".
3. At the right end of the line put a capital letter "D".

4. Now for the hard part. Assume that the B represents Birth
and D represents Death. Place the letter "X" on the line
where you estimate that you are in the transition between
Birth and Death.

5. Looking at your diagram you are now prepared to rank
order the activity opportunities that remain for you in your

Sobering isn't it?

73, Tod, KØTO

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