[Trlog] Serial Port Cards

Mark Bailey kd4d at comcast.net
Mon Feb 16 20:37:24 EST 2004

Hi Michael:

I'm not sure I'm an expert, but I am a happy user of the ByteRunner
PCI dual serial cards.

First of all, if you have an ISA slot, I'd suggest one of these:
TC-200-55.  This will plug in and work fine.  I'd suggest
assigning the two ports as COM3 and COM4.  TR
doesn't care about the IRQ's, but I'd set COM3 to IRQ5 and
COM4 to IRQ10 on most basic DOS computers.  You might
be able to use IRQ3 for COM4 if you aren't using COM2 for

With the built-in COM1 port, that gives you three ports very

The only reason to use one of the PCI boards is if you don't
have an (available) ISA slot.  New computers don't have these.
In that case, try the PCI-200L.  You certainly don't need the
high-speed, expensive card.

To use one of the PCI cards under DOS, you need a couple
of programs from the ByteRunner web site:  vsemuio and
vsshow.   You need to run vsemuio in your autoexec.bat with
a properly configured vsemuio.cfg file.  My file is:


This is set for IRQ5 (COM3) and IRQ 3 (COM4).  NOTE:  If you

use IRQ 10, it MUST be entered as A in this file, NOT 10.

The CC00 address is returned by the VSSHOW program and


This works great with TR AND CT.  CT uses the IRQ's.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Mark, KD4D

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> Hi All:
> Well, it is my turn to ask for help on serial port expansion cards.  Ron
> KK1L, is also helping to ensure I have TR set up correctly.  But,
something is not
> working.
> I have seen a lot of discussion about Byterunner.  I have a SIIG card with
> serial ports and one lpt port.  Works great in W98SE.  Nothing in TR.  Rig
> is not being polled.
> Anyway, I am thinking it could be the card.  Byterunner has three,
> PCI-210H-9, TC-210-9, and T-9001-9 that appear to have what it takes.
> So, my question is which one is recommended.  I am running W89SE on a 450
> machine.
> I wait to hear from the experts, please
> 73's
> Michael WG0M
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