[Trlog] RE: ICOM Control

Tod - MN tao at skypoint.com
Sat Jan 3 13:07:38 EST 2004

For those who may be tracking this thread:
If you are planning to use the voltages from the COM port that is
controlling the RADIO to provide voltage for a CI-V type controller this may
be of interest to you.
W9RE sent me a note stating he was getting voltage from pin 20 (DTR) and his
serial port powered controller worked. Pin 20 is used for keying CW in my
setup (an accepted TR setting).
Just to see what would happen I changed KEYER CONTROL to a parallel port and
started TR. The RTS and DTR lines were active (high) whereas they had NOT
been active in the configuration that had KEYER CONTROL set to the serial
port that controlled the radio. This change provided voltage for the serial
controller I am using and it began to function --- not entirely perfectly,
but still it was obvious that the frequency of the radio was being read and
sometimes I could change bands using ALT-V or ALT-B. There may be some other
timing parameters I need to change or it may be that the fact I am running
TR in a Win98 DOS window may be affecting the timing of bytes to and from
the COM port. I will report on this later after further testing. 

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