[Trlog] Fwd: CTRL + O won't work (fwd)

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Thu Jan 8 14:25:42 EST 2004

Well, we've now both learned something.  It's been a while since I used 
CTRL-O and I didn't read the manual very carefully when replying to 
you.  The subsequent posts have been very enlightening.

73 de Jim Smith    VE7FO

Eric Hilding wrote:

> At 03:58 AM 1/8/04 -0800, Jim Smith VE7FOwrote:
>> The purpose of CTRL-O is to give you a list of the calls you have worked
>> on, in this case, 4 bands.  i.e. if you have worked P40B on 10, 15, 20,
>> and 80 P40B will show in the list.  If you have only worked him on 3
>> bands then he won't be on the list.  The reason for wanting to know this
>> is that he should be an easy mult on 40 so go find him before 40 closes
>> to that area.  Without this list you might forget to make sure you get
>> him in the log.
> Hi, Jim:
> I really appreciate your detailed info & tnx to others who have 
> responded as well.
> Hmmm...the TR Manual says "Multipliers", not "stations.  So in the 
> ARRL CW DX Contest (the Contest format I'm using), CA, VT, BC, etc. 
> would all be Multipliers IMHO.  But you got me thinking...see next.
>> Now, if you're using the simulator I bet all the contacts you logged are
>> on the same band.  i.e. you didn't change bands in TR from time to
>> time.  Even if you do, you have to work the same station on each of 4
>> bands for it to show on the list.
> OK...in addition to sticking the MULT REPORT MINIMUM BANDS = 4 
> manually into the .cfg file (the Manual says the default is 4 so 
> really shouldn't need to do anything, actually, unless I'm 
> misunderstanding TR.  I had already tried manuall dropping it to = 2 
> with no difference in results.
> Believe it or not, I *did* change bands in the Simulator :-)  So, went 
> looking for my own State (a/k/a "Mult") and did find QSO's on 160, 40, 
> 15 & 10 meters.  But in the event the "Mult" is considered to be the 
> "Station", I checked a pal's call I had put in and found only had him 
> on 3 bands.  So I just "worked him" on the 4th band and then tried 
> CTRL + O again.  Same results:  nada zip squat.
> Log Entries:
>  10CW  07-Jan-04 18:10  405  W6SC           599  599 
> Ca                      0
>  15CW  07-Jan-04 18:11  406  W6SC           599  599 Ca            0
>  40CW  07-Jan-04 23:58  467  W6SC           599  599 
> Ca                      3
> 160CW  08-Jan-04 04:09  477  W6SC           599  599 
> Ca                      3
>> I suggest that you change the setting to 2 or whatever is the minimum,
>> get on in the NAQP, make a bunch of Qs on various bands and try CTRL-O
>> from time to time.  Shouldn't be long before stations start showing up
>> in the list.
> "Been there, done that", and = 2 didn't work when my pal's call was in 
> there 2 or 3 times already!!!
> BTW, I've also tried CTRL + O in NON-simulator mode with same results!
> I believe I understand how this is *supposed* to work, but would 
> appreciate clarification about the term "Multipliers" indicated in the 
> Manual.   Are they actual "Multipliers" as commonly referred to (CA, 
> VT, BC), or are they actually station callsigns???
> Here's an interesting observation I just made:  The manual says "DX 
> Multipliers".  I can interpret that as meaning TR only works for CTRL 
> + O if you are a W/VE stations working "DX" stations which get 
> logged.  But that wouldn't make any sense, because I know TR is used 
> by many, many "DX" stations.
> Maybe Tree can shed some light on this matter.   I'm just trying to 
> get any kinks worked out here before I head for KP2!!!
> Tnx for your valiant efforts here, Jim.
> 73...
> Rick, K6VVA
> P.S. One more possibility just came to mind:  I am NOT using a 
> TRMASTER file at the moment.  Does CTRL + O work only from that 
> instead of the Log???  There's no mention of such a necessity in the 
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