[Trlog] CW speeding up (fwd)

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Thu Jan 8 04:32:54 EST 2004

At 03:58 AM 1/8/04 -0800, Jim KI7Y wrote:

>What is happening is each time the character speeds the CW up, the next CQ
>speeds it up again, and again . What it requires is the same decrease in
>speed after the CQ to return to the original speed.

Tnx, Jim, as others have pointed out.  However...if Auto CQ is interrupted 
via ESC or a keystroke, ALT + C to resume thashes that concept and it's 
"ramp up time" in WPM each-time-the-CQ-repeats!


Rick, K6VVA`

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