[Trlog] Idea for NAQP

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Sun Jan 11 10:58:49 EST 2004

1.  Would it be worthwhile to have a flag or highlighted field appear next
to the callsign field to raise the operator's awareness that the station is
a needed mult/qso on another band.

I found myself looking at the mult needed box too late...too quick on the
ENTER to log/tu key, I guess.

Maybe having it appear in CQ mode rather than S&P...or maybe making it
selectable (1-cq, 2-s&p, 3-both) through CTL-J....

Or, maybe a command to a comport interface with wires to the selected
sensitive locations of the operator's chair to remind him to ask the station
to QSY.

2.  The Auto-Cq thing, again...  It would sure be nice to see Auto-CQ be
selectable to (1) not work after an ALT-D QSO, or (2) continue after an
Alt-D QSO.  That way, the big guns could select 1 and, on returning to CQ
radio from Alt-D QSO, be answering the CQ responder and the little pistols
could be automatically resuming the interminable CQ's.

Otherwise, TRLog worked great last night...

dale, kg5u

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