[Trlog] On-Deck Call Dissappears

Mark Bailey kd4d at comcast.net
Sun Jan 11 13:34:44 EST 2004

Hello All:

In the NAQP, using TR679, I continued to have a problem with the "On Deck"
disappearing.  Sometimes, it is just cleared from the screen and the
"space" bar still
works to call the station on the second radio.  Sometimes, space switches to
S&P mode
on the primary radio and dumps my call.

One scenario that appears to cause this is getting out of an unsuccessful
call on the second radio.
Sometimes, hitting too many escapes tends to clear the "On Deck" call.

I really would like the screen to reflect the actual status of the "On Deck"
call, so I can tell
by looking in the upper right corner whether the "On Deck" function is
active.  I'd also
like it to be persistent, so it doesn't get cleared at random.

Anyone else notice this one?

Thanks and 73.

Mark, KD4D

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