[Trlog] DTR/RTS Status in TRLog

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Mon Jan 12 10:11:12 EST 2004

(Tree, I know you are busy, so I'm addressing this to the
reflector...but....if you want to answer, please feel free.)

I recently tried the PSK mode and found it interesting enough to make up a
comport plug containing radio control circuitry for the OMNI for TRLog and
Digipan together.  That works FB.

However, the Push-to-Talk in Digipan is controlled via the DTS and/or RTS
lines (pins 4 & 7 of db9).  In normal use (DOS or Windows, with no radio
applications running,), DTR and RTS are -11.xx volts.  With Digipan, PTT is
accomplished by driving the -11.xx volts at DTR and RTS high to +11.xx

In TRLog, however, DTR and RTS are constantly +11.xx volts. (I had to pull
the PTT plug at the Omni for NAQP.

I get from the manual that DTR and RTS are/may be used when using a TNC with
TRLog.  Is that correct?

Are both DTR and RTS used for TNC/Packet?  Are they used for anything else
in TRLog?

If only one is used for Packet, what of the other?  Is is ever used in
TRLog?  Could TRLog set it low ?

Just curious and trying to figure a way to reduce the number of plug changes
and switches I have to throw to use TRLog.

Thanks and 73,
dale, kg5u

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