[Trlog] DTR/RTS Status in TRLog, Part II

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Mon Jan 12 10:48:51 EST 2004


I had only done a search of the manual looking for DTR and RTS, but forgot
to look at the schematics for keying.  duh!

I see that db9 pin 7 is dedicated to PTT.

I had had two steering diodes on the DTR (Pin 4) and RTS (Pin 7) to the
resistor and transistor base driving the PTT line.  I removed the Pin 4

That should have taken care of things.  But, running TRLog, my Omni is
constantly keyed.  Removing the PTT removes the key down condition.
Pressing f1, I get normal keying (I'm using LPT keying).

I took more measurements and again found +11.xx volts on Pins 4 and 7,
steadystate.  Pressing F1 changes neither of them.

If I tell TRLog in .cfg to set my PTT to LPT1 and keying output to LPT1, is
that then setting and fixing DTR and RTS in the Serial comports to be
constantly high?

Any way to set them low?

Sorry for being a bother.

dale, kg5u

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