[Trlog] Rookie questions

Fred Jensen k6dgw at foothill.net
Mon Jan 12 14:54:49 EST 2004

I've used TR for several years, but have never used the DVK features.  I
finally got a very old & cheap soundblaster to work in my 486SX/33
logging computer under real DOS 6.2 using SBDVP.  Now I have a couple of
TR configuration questions:

1.  I used the line CQ MEMORY - CQF1.DVP, it accepts it and it works. 
Is the filename really necessary?  Can it be something other than

2.  Can I put a filename into the QSL MESSAGE line so that it will send
the file when I press Enter to log the Q?

3.  I tried putting a filename in the QUICK QSL MESSAGE = line, however
it didn't seem to work.  Is there a way to have a second QSL message
that will get sent AND log the Q?

Ok, that's 3 questions, not a couple.  I could spend a couple of days
and try all the combinations, but TR has soooo many options, I thought
it best to just tap the real source of info.  Given that these are
really rookie questions, to make more Internet bandwidth available for
all the spam I get, possibly only a reply from one of the "TR Staff"
would be appropriate.


Fred K6DGW
Auburn CA CM98

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